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The First Seven Days of Onboarding

You’ve recruited a new team member. Now what? If you’re new to your company, you might be wanting to throw your hands up and run. It can definitely feel overwhelming. So let’s just break this down, shall we? First, focus on the first seven days of onboarding.


You know that you want to help her have success right away so think of things that will help give her those quick wins. Create a list of all the key things that help you be successful in your company. Think about things like fast start bonuses, special promotions, and kit rebates.

Brainstorming about onboarding

Some ideas of things to think about when planning your onboarding plan:

  • Launch Party
  • How many parties to schedule in the first month
  • Social Media Posts/ Announcements
  • Ways to make back her money spent on her kit
  • Ways to maximize any free product incentives
  • Any bonuses she can earn in the first few months

Remember, the brainstorming doesn’t have to be perfect. You can make tweaks as you go along.

Once you’ve completed your brainstorming, let’s focus first on the first seven days of onboarding.

Seven Day Plan for Onboarding

Each day you will want to send her a tip & action item to complete. How you contact her might be something you ask when she first signs up. Will it be email or text or Facebook messenger?

Easy actionable steps is what you want to plan for her. What will help her get the most bang for her buck during that first week? It’s not just posting on social media and holding her launch party. There has to be more to help her. So what do you do?

7 Day Plan about onboarding

Plan out what you will send her each day with this FREE Brainstorming and 7 Day Plan worksheet.

When the 7 days are over, how will you celebrate her first week? What can you send her, do for, etc that will make her feel welcome and special as a part of your team?

When you completed the first onboarding, come back and tell us how it went. We would love to celebrate with you!

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