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Mama’s Country Style Steak

Growing up, one of my favorite meals was always my mama’s country style steak. I looked forward to cooking it for my family when I was older, but the only problem was that it took almost three hours to cook on the stove.

Well, enter Amazon Prime Day 2016. I bought an Instant Pot based on the recommendation of a friend. It was life-changing. No more did I have to stand by a stove waiting for water to boil to cook my corn on the cob as well as hardboiled eggs. But I was at a loss as to how to convert my mama’s country style steak recipe as it called for flour in the pot as the meat was cooking. I knew that was a no-no in the Instant Pot, but as Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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Instant Pot Saute- Country Style Steak
Olive Oil in the Instant Pot on Saute

First, start off by heating up the Instant Pot with the Saute button and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. On a cutting board, cut your bottom round steaks into smaller pieces (pictured below). Flour them on both sides. Once the Instant Pot reads Hot, put the pieces of steak in and brown the meat. As they finish (after you flip them, of course), put them on a plate or pie tin to ready them for the next stage before adding more steak.

Meat Cut Up into Smaller Pieces- Country Style Steak
Meat Cut Up into Smaller Pieces

Once all the pieces have been browned, drain the remaining oil. Then put the meat back into the pot and add your 2 cups of water. I use the Meat/Stew button on the Instant Pot at 35 minutes. Then let that cook.

Now during this time, you can go do other things (like write this blog post) or cook rice to go with the steak. I love the rice with the gravy that we’ll make.

When the Instant Pot says it’s done, let it sit for 5 minutes before releasing the pressure. Then it’s time to make the gravy. Time to hit Saute once more. Add 3/8 cup of flour to the water in the pot. Stir constantly for four minutes. Then serve. I generally serve over rice.

Mama's Country Style Steak
Mama’s Country Style Steak
Mama's Country Style Steak recipe

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